Antike Perser Kirman Teppich

Preis: 180,000

Among all carpets in the world, Persian ones are considered the greatest of all. This marvelous antique Kirman Teppich fully shows the reason behind this wide-spread opinion. The oversized piece comes from the skilled and patient hands of the Kirman Perserteppich craftsmen who thoroughly hand-knotted its luminous, grandiose pile of the finest wool in accordance with traditional weaving techniques for many months.

Such masterful execution ensured the rug’s uniqueness, durability and allowed it to last unblemished until today, despite being made almost a hundred years ago. The factor which additionally speaks in favor of the rug’s quality is the slight Abrash effect visible in some areas of the field. It is a delicate variation in color that is usually present due to the use of vegetable dyes or changes in dye lots. Abrash is one of the most common and typical characteristics of genuine antike Orientteppiche zu verkaufen, especially older and handmade ones. In terms of design, this antique wonder is absolutely unmatched. Both the field and the multiple borders are highly ornamental and comprise classic oriental floral motifs.

The indigo background of the main field proudly bears intricate medallions interleaved with so called ‘vase’ pattern, all kept in gold and beige shades. A trained connoisseur’s eye in this dense yet organized and well-thought-out tangle may spot Shah Abbas or Persian roses motifs. The whole composition stuns with its glamour and will be a gem of any classy interior.

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Art.-Nr.: BB6853 Zirka: 1920 Größe: 17'3 "× 25'3" (525 769 cm ×)