Labyrinth Teppich

Preis: 9,500

While creating modern and custom rugs at DLB we try to respect tradition, at the same time looking towards the future. This contemporary rug combines the centuries-old techniques of carpet-making with a fresh approach to design.

This exceptional modern rug takes us straight into a mysterious labyrinth. Its design, based on the greatest ideals of Art Deco movement, will introduce a great deal of elegance and order into a wide variety of interior décors. Moreover, the color palette featuring beige and gold will be a truly glamorous touch, bringing in warmth and optically enlarging the space.

In terms of execution, this contemporary carpet is second to none. The striated texture is thoroughly hand-made of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques which ensures its uniqueness and durability. You may rest reassured that, if provided minimum care, the Maze rug will serve its owners for generations without the slightest signs of wear.

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Art.-Nr.: N10787 Größe: 6'0 "× 9'3" (182 281 cm ×)
Stil: Art Deco, geometrisch