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Moderner Seidenläufer N12002

Preis: 7,000

The contemporary runner before your eyes, although presently made, is modeled on the Mid Century Modern style, characteristic of jazzy interiors from the 60s and the 70s. As a runner, it will gladly serve in long and narrow spaces, like corridors, transitional rooms or staircases.

The entire body of the contemporary runner is covered in a dynamic geometric design. There are no borders or fringe finishing – the pattern occupies the rug from edge to edge which adds to its modern appeal. The color palette features soft and balanced tones of brown, beige and off-white – as such, it will match a wide variety of interior arrangements, bringing in a touch of warmth and elegance.

On top of excellent appearance, the piece may also boast about its refined workmanship. Carefully hand-knotted of silk, the rug will please the owners with soft and lustrous pile for many years without any signs of wear. This new runner is absolutely worthy of magnificent interiors from the famed Mad Men series. We are confident it would be Don Draper’s first choice!

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Art.-Nr.: N12002 Größe: 5'1 "× 10'4" (154 314 cm ×)
Farbe: Beige, Braun Stil: Geometrisch