Tabriz Floral Rugs Décor

Tabriz Floral Rugs Décor
Februar 22, 2017 Caroline Seaworth

Tabriz rugs count among the greatest carpets in the world. These Persian wonders can boast of probably the longest and the richest continued heritage which reaches back to the 16th century when the power over the region was in the hands of the Safavid dynasty.

In terms of patterns and coloration, Tabriz Teppiche are difficult to set apart from the rest of Perserteppiche . Over the time they have absorbed the features of all existing weaving schools as well as influences from a variety of different cultures. What distinguishes them is the unmatched quality measured in raj – the units of knot density – that can go up to the incredibly fine 110 raj. They are crème the la crème of all rugs.

The range of Tabriz designs is immense but the most commonly encountered ones are floral. A variety of flower and foliage motifs serves to create dense, meticulous yet perfectly balanced and tasteful patterns which are thoroughly hand-executed of the finest materials in old and refined weaving techniques and saturated with symbolism. There, a lily stands for purity and spirituality, a peony indicates power, a Lotus Blume signifies rebirth and immortality, an iris constitutes a manifestation of religious liberty; a blossom is a symbol of youth, spring and a wish of luck for the newlywed couple; a tulip is supposed to provide prosperity, a hyacinth – regeneration, whereas a pomegranate denotes fertility and wealth. Not to mention more elaborate nature-inspired designs, such as the famous tree of life. This incredible opulence of motifs is further highlighted by the properly matched color palette where the most prevailing shades are red, indigo and beige or gold. Colors also bear meaning – beauty, courage, luck and joy are communicated by red, spirituality by blue, while gold or beige convey power and wealth. Not many rug owners realize what kind of message lies behind their weaving piece.

Tabriz floral rugs, although usually made centuries ago, beautifully match contemporary interiors. Their patterns and color palettes prove to be exceptionally timeless due to their never-fading elegance. Vivid colors and energetic designs easily find their way into eclectic décor. Ethnic references and rich symbolism makes them perfect for all free spirited and boho abodes. The class and chic of Tabriz floral rugs grants they look absolutely gorgeous in Neo-Classical, Hollywood Regency or royal styles. Surprisingly, modern minimalism also finds these carpets very appealing – in that case, such rug is the focal point of the room, optionally supported by minor accessories in a corresponding hue.

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