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Vintage Samarkand Rug BB7030

Preis: 9,000

Vintage rugs from Samarkand are easily recognizable to all experts and aficionados due to their characteristic designs. Being soaked with influences from miscellaneous weaving cultures, the famed weaving center has brought to this world some of the most iconic creations, both beautiful and qualitative, that are now widely desired for contemporary interiors.

This vintage Samarkand rug perfectly captures the artistic spirit of its motherland. Miscellaneous yet consistent, the field features a central medallion surrounded by classic motifs, such as a vase with greenery, pomegranates symbolizing fertility and auspiciousness, or references to the Hayat Aǧacı (Tree of Life) that expresses the wish for immortality. The inner and outer borders are adorned with several detailed frames, each representing a traditional motif.

The color palette is delicate and feminine, kept in subtle shades of taupe and beige with dusty pink and purple. Woven according to traditional techniques and with the use of high-quality, natural materials, this pile rug is truly a work of art. It can be the centerpiece of any room, where the elaborate visual message it contains will capture the attention of all and sundry.

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Art.-Nr.: BB7030 Zirka: 1948 Größe: 4'7 "× 6'9" (139 205 cm ×)
Farbe: Beige, Braun, Pink Stil: Casual